Durga Puja 2016


Bengali Cultural Society of Milwaukee is celebrating 2016 Durga Puja      

Date: Saturday October 8th and Sunday October 9th

Venue: Hindu Temple of Wisconsin (W243 N 4063 Pewaukee Road. Pewaukee, WI 53072)

Saturday 8 th October                              Sunday 9 th October

Pooja :  10:00 am                                         Puja :  10:00 am
Anjali & Prasad : 1:00 pm                           Anjali & Prasad:  12:30 pm
Lunch :   2:00 pm                                        Cultural Program : 1:00 pm
Cultural Program : 6:00 pm                        Lunch :   2:00 pm
Dinner :   8:30 pm                                       Sindur Khela and Bisarjan

Puja Registration Fees: ( Full day, non-refundable fees to be paid at entry; Food included )

**** Only Check & Cash will be accepted ****

Saturday: $30     Sunday: $25          Saturday + Sunday: $45


Saturday: $35     Sunday: $30          Saturday + Sunday: $55  

Kids (5-12 years): $10 per day & $20 for both days     (for both Members & Non-members)

Kids below 5 years are free


Event Announcement
The Hindu Temple of Wisconsin auditorium, where our Puja will be held, has a maximum capacity of 325, including children of all ages. BCSM will stop taking registration when we reach the 300 mark. Please come early and register, to avoid disappointment.
Registration is mandatory for this event.
Please be aware that HTW will also have other devotees in the premises apart from our Durga Puja. BCSM requests that all Durga Puja visitor to observe the existing fire codes and do not block any entry or exit and observe all parking regulations. This will ensure that fire trucks and paramedics have full access to the facilities in case of an emergency.
Your co-operation will immensely help in making this event safe and successful.

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